What is Intricap

Intricap is a holding company which invests in business opportunities and possibilities thrown open by continuing advancements in Internet, and Internet based business and technical innovations.

Intricap Value System

We love businesses that are profitable right since inception. Profit making is a habit, not a target.  
We admire businesses that are ethical. Intelligence and bad integrity is a very dangerous combination.
We adore businesses which believe in power of individuals. The world is going Individual.
We like businesses that are not constrained by geography. Internet is about breaking boundaries, not living by it.
We covet businesses that can weather stress. Rats are not the only ones who desert a sinking ship.
We revere businesses that value sustainability over scalability. Making loss at millions is millions in loss.
We idolize businesses that focus on how rather than on how much. Money is always a by-product.

How do we unearth opportunities

Usually it is very difficult to find opportunities that meet all of the above criteria. So we create businesses ourselves, and then find capable individuals to run it. This is not to say that we shy away from external investments. We are open to any opportunity that fits the above.   

What is the ownership structure of Intricap

Intricap is owned by a single person individually and wholly. A lot of thought went into the individual nature of ownership. Individual ownership gives Intricap a lot of flexibility, freedom, speed, accruals of wealth appreciation & reduction in paperwork which are essential virtues for an internet based enterprise.

However this structure also imposes unlimited liability on the individual owner, which is offset by assuming no financial liability or loan by Intricap. Individual ownership also constrains the life span of Intricap and ties it to the life span of the personal owner. Intricap by itself is not designed to live forever. If there is something we would want to salvage, it would be our ideas, and no more. This is attempted by constituting Intricap as a holding company of several laterally different businesses each of whom could be individually disposed of after its incubation period by sale or getting another worthy individual to run it, and expecting them to pass it on the same way. Intricap by itself is just a holding company for other businesses, and does not envisage to do any business directly.           

Can I invest in Intricap

The short answer is no. Intricap by design is an Individual owned business. Intricap does not accept equity investments as it leads to dilution of ownership. It also does not accept borrowings as that would impose personal liability on the individual owner due to its constituting structure.

This is not to say that Intricap does not collaborate financially with external parties. Intricap is more than willing to offer equity stakes in entities held by Intricap for intellectual, logistical, physical and financial contribution though not in Intricap itself.